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by Head Mistress Sat Apr 11, 2015 4:20 pm

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Rules of the forum

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Rules of the forum

Post by Head Mistress on Sat Apr 11, 2015 4:20 pm

In regards to registering it is very simple actually.  First of all, you should know to register with a characters first and last name with proper capitalization.  If you want a canon, reserve one!  Because otherwise it's up for whomever to take.  Fill out the app and post it and the staff will look it over - no posting if you aren't accepted - pretty straight forward really.  Otherwise, you should be good.  We ask that for every two females you make, you make a male character next.  And make sure you don't take on too many characters if you can't handle playing them all.  Kay?  Kay.

Aaaaah the thing you have all come to do eh?  Well, you wanted to know right?  Okay, here it is.  Write any way you want to, as long as you are sticking with the way you right and the playee does not have a hard time trying to understand you.  We encourage you to play with your own characters.  I know it sounds odd, but if you make a thread just for your characters every once in a while, it really helps to build ideas.  we do have a word count! sorry, but it seems to be needed.  But it's alright!  Because our word count is only 100 words.  And if you think about it, it's not really hard to push out that much, our admins will normally do around a couple hundred for an uninspired post, so it's fair.  We understand if sometimes you can't push out that much, in such cases we urge you to warn the others in the thread before hand - or, alternately, we will also allow what we like to call 'short-answer-threads' which are threads without an actual plot and without a word count.  Though you shouldn't do them all the time, every once in a while it's nice.  And that's pretty much it!

This is something we can't stand. (the secret password is dinosaur.Rawr)  you are no god and if your character gets too mary-sue, gary-stu or god-like, then we will require you to make a new character.  Yeah, we're jerks like that, but nobody can play with perfect characters or gods, so we have a limit there.  For that reason, we don't allow anyone to have more than one special thing about them.  If you are exceptional at the arts, you should be horrible at sports, etc.

Signatures should be no more than 500 pixels wide, and 600 tall.  This includes text and images.  Posting images you ask?  Well, the same width applies - 5oo pixels.  And less than 400 pixels height for posted images, please.  They really aren't hard to edit - kristin can do it if you need.  Avatars are 200x200 and we would like every avatar to be this size.  If you can't find any that are this size or something, ask someone else on the site who makes graphics.  Thank you!

These rules were made by jenna aka city lights tonight of caution 2.0 and she loves that you're using them, but she has a few rules.  Leave the credit on or she will come and find you, link her to the site where you use them because she'll love you, and make sure people know that when they read these rules, she's a bamf!  K?  K.  Sounds great right?  I know!  And just one more little thing!  You should edit these rules a bit to make sure they fit your site, colors word count etc.  And so edits were made by yours truly!
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